Personal Trainer Victoria Available for Hire

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer Victoria then I currently have a few places remaining for hire. I can work with you one to three times a week and my rates are very competitive.

When I first meet you I will ask you what you want to get out of the training whether it is gaining strength, losing weight or building muscle or even a group of targets. Together we will assess your present level of fitness and discuss what you would want to achieve. We will calculate your body mass index and check your weight along with taking some measurements.

The next step is to work out what are your short term and long term goals and set some dates to work towards. I believe in working with you to create some specific, measurable, and realistic targets which you will work towards. These short term goals may be losing a stated amount of weight, exercising for longer, or lifting more weight. For long term goals we would look at you achieving more over a longer period for example a year.

Planning with Personal Trainer Victoria

When we have sorted out all the preliminary tasks I will then work with you to develop your own personal program which will help you to reach your short term and long term goals. The programs will include both aerobic and strength training. However I will discuss with you the best approach for you and develop the program around what you like doing and what your current fitness level allows you to do. Exercises may include walking, running both outdoors and on a treadmill or trainer machines.

Throughout the program I will support you by showing how to carry out the exercises and tasks. I will observe you and give you regular feedback on your progress. A big part of my role is to provide you with encouragement and motivate you to reach your goals.

How do you know how good I am? Well just contact me and I can provide you with a list of testimonials with client contact details where you can contact my clients to see what they think of my role as Personal Trainer Victoria.